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Best Carpet Cleaning Powder | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Carpets and rugs take dirt, moisture, stain more frequently than any other thing in the house except for the kitchen. As you use the carpet to beautify the room decoration, if it’s dirty, it ruins how the room looks and also causes health issues for kids in the house.

Carpet cleaning powder takes care of the cleaning and eliminates dirt, moisture, stain, and odor without requiring much effort from you. If you want to enhance the performance of the carpet cleaning machine, you should definitely use carpet cleaning powder from one of these powders of the list below.

Best 7 Carpet Cleaning Powders in 2022:

Finding the best cleaning powder from countless options is time-consuming. I found these 7 products to be the best regarding cleaning performance, friendliness to pets and kids, and not having strong chemical odor.

1. Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner Powder 4 lb

The first cleaning powder on the list doesn’t only handle difficult to remove spots and spills from carpet, you can conveniently clean rugs, upholstery, and sofa as well.

If you find prolonging the life of carpets difficult due to stains, spills, dirt, and odor, this dry cleaning powder can help you in this regard. You will find that it effectively cleans the carpets and eliminates odor as well. Moisture and odor from dogs and cats will no longer be an issue once you get it.

Although it comes very effective when it comes to dealing with things that ruin the beauty of the carpet, the powder is also safe for kids and pets. No matter what type of vacuum you use, you can conveniently vacuum the powder from the applied surface.

Special Features
  • Removes difficult stains, spills, and spots
  • Eliminates odor
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Can be used on various materials
  • Up to 400 square feet coverage

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2. Resolve Carpet Cleaner Powder, 18 oz Bottle

Even though you are very careful about not making a mess on the carpets and rugs, if you have pets, it’s pretty much impossible that there will be no dirt and it will be hard to get moisture on the surfaces. This cleaning powder can be an ideal solution to such problems.

Whether it’s ground-in dirt, urine, or pet stains, this powder cleaner can handle such issues without requiring much effort from you. If you are to clean vomit, feces, and urine from the carpet, its foam and powder solution will make the carpet look new.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes to dry and become ready to vacuum. You will notice the cleaning is 3x more effective than normal vacuuming. Apart from that, this carpet cleaner also eliminates unpleasant odors from the surfaces and leaves a refreshing smell on it.

Special Features
  • 3x more cleaning results than vacuuming
  • Eliminates odor
  • Makes the carpet plush and soft
  • Handles tough pet dirt, stain, and messes effectively
  • Dries quickly

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3. Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Formula Dry Carpet Cleaner

If you clean your carpet occasionally, you probably also have to deal with unpleasant odors, which is hard to get rid of using conventional cleaners. This carpet cleaner from Arm & Hammer can take care of tough to remove stains as well as odors effortlessly.

When you sprinkle the powder on an area of the carpet, the cleaning agents break down the stains and absorb the mess and odors. It becomes a lot easier to clean using a vacuum cleaner after treating with this powder. You will get dry, clean, and pleasant looking carpet every time you use it.

If you are planning to adopt more pets, this cleaning powder will take care of the messes and keep your rugs, upholstery, and carpets clean. It’s safe for kids and pets, so you can use it more often without risking the health of your loved ones.

Special Features
  • Very effective at absorbing allergens and stains
  • Eliminates pet odor and spreads a refreshing smell
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Can be used on rugs and upholstery

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4. Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder, 26.5 oz

This carpet cleaning powder from Dyson works very effectively on wood and stain-resistant carpets; it also suits carpets that are made of other materials.

There are millions of tiny sponges that absorb the messes of the carpet within 30 minutes. So, unlike conventional ones, you don’t need to wait for an hour to make the carpet look like new. After that, you can conveniently vacuum the messes, including the powder, and see great results without putting much effort.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, Zorb maintenance powder is made of biodegradable ingredients that are perfectly fine to use on carpets. Also, it doesn’t cause skin irritation issues whatsoever.

If your carpet encounters high-traffic and residue buildup, it will be the best dry carpet cleaning powder to combat such matters.

Special Features
  • Millions of tiny sponges to absorb messes
  • Biodegradable ingredients
  • 30 minutes waiting time before vacuuming
  • Best for high-traffic areas

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5. Prochem Dry Slurry Professional Carpet Cleaning Concentrate Powder

When it’s about cleaning grease, grime, and respray residue, you need a stronger cleaning powder. These are very common messes in industries, restaurants, and residential houses, which conventional cleaners cannot handle well. Dry Slurry is one of those products that is formulated for doing such cleanings.

Tougher and stubborn stains and other messes are no issue for this powerful cleaner. You can use it for two-step hot water cleaning processes without much issue. Despite its powerful cleaning properties, the powder remains very gentle on nylon-carpets and other materials.

Its effectiveness allows you to use it to clean truck mounts and portables. The powder does a great job of dealing with synthetic fibers as well.

If the carpets, rugs, and upholstery in your house require a powerful treatment, you can count on this one. Note that it’s not safe for kids and pets. So, make sure you keep them further away from the area where you apply it. Once it’s dried and you clean the messes, they can step on the carpets without any issue.

Special Features
  • Industrial grade cleaning powder
  • Remains gentle on nylon and synthetic carpets
  • Solvent-based formula
  • Great for heavy-duty grease, grime, and residue cleaning
  • For commercial purposes

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6. Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner 9 lbs Pail

To enhance the performance of your cleaning machines, this carpet cleaner powder from Oreck comes very usefully and effective. High-end vacuum cleaners cannot remove 100% allergens from carpets and rugs. If you use this carpet deodorizer, you can remove 70% more allergens from surfaces.

Apart from just carpets, you can count on this product when it comes to cleaning rugs and upholstery as well. Conventional powders still leave some of the odor on the carpets. But this is something that will not happen when you use this cleaner.

If you have kids and pets in the house, you don’t need to worry about their health issues. The powder is a problem only to the stains, allergens, and messes that are on the carpet, your kids, as well as pets, will be safe from it.

Special Features
  • Removes 70% more allergens than vacuuming
  • Fast cleaning solution for carpets and other similar materials
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Eliminates odor

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7. New Mohawk Floorcare Essentials Dry Carpet and Rug Powder Cleaner

Last but not least, this powder cleaner is one of those that can also absorb allergens along with regular dirt, spots, spills, and stain. No matter what type of fabric or material is used to make your carpet or rug, you will find this carpet deodorizer quite effective at keeping the carpet dry.

Unlike conventional powders, you don’t need to steam or use shampoo to treat the carpet after sprinkling the powder. Just wait for 30 minutes and vacuum after that to get new looking carpet without much hassle. Its sponges are powerful enough to absorb the toughest matters that are on the carpet.

If you have kids or pets in the house, this can be an ideal choice. Also, the powder seems to have no issue with wood rugs and stain-resistant carpets regarding cleaning. To make the carpet look great for longer, be sure to clean the carpet using this powder regularly.

Special Features
  • Powerful cleaning without steam
  • Can be used on various carpets and rugs
  • Absorbs dirt, spill, stains, and allergens
  • Professional cleaning within 30 minutes

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaning Powder:

Different cleaning powders work differently due to a variety of formulas. You need to determine your purpose of using, and pick the one according to that. Here are a few things to consider before you buy a cleaning powder.

Cleaning Power

Carpet cleaner powder removes day to day household dirt, spots, spills, etc. quite effectively. You don’t need an extra powerful carpet powder to handle most messes. However, if it’s for commercial purposes, look for a heavy-duty cleaner that can also handle stain, grease, grime, residue very well.

If removing allergens from the carpet is your concern, be sure to check whether the product is good in this regard too.

Eliminating Odor

Removing dirt, residue, spills, spot, etc. are half the overall cleaning task. These messes leave an unpleasant odor on the carpet that also has to be taken care of. Therefore, look for a cleaning solution that eliminates odor from the carpet as well. Many products spread a pleasing, refreshing scent after cleaning the messes.


Some formulas can also be used to clean sofa, rugs, upholstery, etc. So, along with dry carpet, a versatile cleaning solution can also provide you with the upholstery cleaning service with great results.

Effect on Carpets

Different stain remover powders act differently on carpet materials. Some powders make the carpet more soft and plush, where some make no difference. If you have synthetic or nylon carpet, then make sure the powder you are about to get remains gentle on the material.

How Do You Clean Carpet with Powder?

Cleaning carpet using powder is quite easy and doesn’t require much effort. First, sprinkle the powder on the affected area; make sure it covers the area properly.

You need to activate the powder by gently brushing it on the carpet. Don’t brush too hard or scrub. Brushing allows the powder to spread properly and absorb stains, messes, dirt, etc. and contain them once they become dry.

Depending on the formula, you will need to wait for 30 minutes to allow the powder to properly absorb the messes. After that, you can vacuum the area. It’s okay to step onto the powdered area while working if the powder doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Also, the powder will not damage the carpet whatsoever.

If you are to also clean sofa, chair, upholstery, etc. most commercial powder cleaners will provide great results. The cleaning processes will be the same as mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does carpet cleaning powders work?

Carpet powders are made of fragranced puffy granules, which are large and don’t fall through the carpet. When the powder is sprinkled on the carpet, thousands of sponges absorb the dirt, spot, stain, allergens, etc. matters. You need to wait for 30 to 60 minutes and then vacuum the messes, including the powder.

2. How long should you let carpet powder sit?

Carpet cleaning powders require you to wait for 30 minutes before vacuuming. Depending on the messes, you may need to wait a few hours to overnight to be able to get effective results.

3. Does carpet powder ruin vacuums?

If the powder is a fine powder-like baking soda, then it can damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, be sure to get a carpet powder, which is large in size.

4. Why does carpet smell worse after cleaning?

If the underlying padding or backing of the carpet is wet, it causes mildew and sour smell to grow. When the padding is dried properly, there will be much less odor. Space heaters can help to dry the carpet faster and reduce the odor.

5. How do I deep clean my carpet?

You will need to make a mixture of ¼ cup salt, ¼ cup vinegar, and ¼ cup borax. Apply the paste on the affected area of the carpet and let it sit for a few hours until it dries properly. After that, vacuum all the messes away. Your carpet should look like new.


When you get the carpet cleaning powder, be sure to check the instructions properly before proceeding. Instructions can vary depending on the material of the carpet.
For stubborn stains and soils, let the powder sit overnight to clean more effectively. If you clean the carpet regularly, you don’t need to wait for too long to vacuum it away.