Best Chemical for Driveway Cleaning

Best Chemical for Driveway Cleaning | Top 8 Picks

The first that people notice when they are walking into somebody’s house is the driveway. You can say that’s the face of your home, so you know how important it is to keep it in top condition.

Today, we’ll suggest some of the Top Chemicals for Cleaning the Driveway that will solve all your concrete related problems and remove any mold or algae that’s making your driveway look bad.

Concrete is prone to many things that are harmful to you and your family. Therefore, you need to have something that will help you clean it efficiently every time.

Quick Answer – List of Top 8 Driveway Cleaners:

  1. Terminator-HSD
  2. Chomp Pull It Out
  3. EXIMO Waterless
  4. Simple Green 18202
  5. Zep Driveway Cleaner
  6. RustAid Stain Remover
  7. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner
  8. Oil Eater AOD1G35437 Cleaner

“Top Products Comparison Table”

Terminator-HSDChomp Pull It Out Oil/Stain RemoverEXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner for Driveway
Cleaning SurfacesConcrete, Asphalt, Pavers, Driveways, Streets, GaragesLifts oil and grease stains from garage floors, concrete roads, and driveways, and stone pathwaysOutdoor areas, driveway, sidewalks, parking lots, cement or concrete patios, entry stairs
Weight2 lb2 lb3 lb
Restore Natural Concrete ColorYesYesYes
Pressure Washing RequiredNoNoNo
Take Time to Clean4-6 weeksFast4-6 weeks
Waterless CleanerYesYesYes
IngredientsConcrete Asphalt Stain RemoverNon-ionic surfactantNot disclosed
Chemical PresenceNoNoNo
Meets EPA StandardsN/AN/AYes

Best 8 Chemicals for Driveway Cleaning in 2022:

In the case of chemical cleaners, there are endless options in the market. So, we’ll help you find the one that you need for your driveway.

1. Terminator-HSD

On our list, the Terminator-HSD, as the name suggests, is quite the terminator when it comes to removing oil stains that cause your driveway to be dirty and sometimes even smell bad.

There are many amazing things about this product when it comes to usage. This product can clean off any oil or fuel type of stains from your concrete driveway in a very eco-friendly and efficient way.

How? You might be thinking. Well, this product is capable of breaking down and dissolving any oil-based substance into two natural byproducts that allow you to dispose of them without doing any damage to the environment.

As cleaning with any other product would remove the stains, and you’d have to wash them out. This way, the disposables reach the sewers and eventually reach the environment, leading to lasting damage.

Therefore, this product does a fantastic job of making byproducts out of disposable oils and making them safer for the environment while making it much easier for you to get rid of them.

Moreover, you do not need to rinse or buy any extra scrubbing product to make this cleaner work; it will gradually remove the stains and keep the concrete perfect.

Special Features
  • Breaks down the oil into natural byproducts
  • Does not require any rinsing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Powder form allows efficient usage
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals

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2. Chomp Pull It Out

Chomp is known for its simple and safe products that are effective in what they do, but they won’t harm your health. So, from them, we bring you Pull It Out; this chemical cleaner is one of the best.

This fantastic chemical cleaner is compatible with any concrete condition; that’s why it is known as one of the most versatile chemical cleaners in the market.

Moreover, this chemical cleaner can pull out even the hardest of stains from concrete and other porous floorings due to its highly efficient deep penetrating formula. Furthermore, it also works on petroleum-based stains.

Oil stains are one of the most challenging and tedious stains to get out for any chemical cleaner, but no one does it better in such a scenario than Chomp. Its chemical formula can break down any oil stains easily.

This product does not contain any bleach, acid, or anything harmful to you or the environment, and without those, it gives you the best performance.

Also, this product is straightforward to use, and you can use it in a minimal amount while getting the best result; it requires a little rinsing after it pulls the stains clear out, and then you get the best results.

Special Features
  • Does not contain any hazardous components
  • Flexible in case of compatibility
  • Requires less time to use
  • Utilizes the poultice technology
  • Require only a small amount for a large surface

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3. EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

People who keep animals and want to use something substantial for their driveway go no further than EXIMO. This fantastic product is an environmentally safe waterless concrete cleaner that does fabulous work.

Several notable things are going on with this product; everything about it screams efficiency and revolutionary composition.

Due to microbes’ usage, this product can break down the hydrocarbon chains within the oil and break them gradually, leaving out only safe byproducts.

This feature allows you to have a much safer environment, and it’s safe for pets, plants around the area you use it on since it will not release any unsafe chemicals or emit anything that will cause any further damage.

Another thing that makes it highly efficient is the process of its application, as it is usable on dry or wet surfaces without any issues. It will efficiently remove the stains, and you won’t even have to rinse it off.

The container will contain about 3-lbs of volume; since it is a waterless cleaner, you won’t have to use it in high volume; just a small amount is enough for the hardest of stains.

Special Features
  • Restores the color of concretes
  • Does not leave any unwanted residue
  • Safe around pets and plants
  • Efficient in the case of the amount used
  • Even suitable for some household uses

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4. Simple Green 18202 Concrete Cleaner

This chemical cleaner is one of those traditional approaches to cleaning concrete and hard surfaces that makes oil stains much more formidable. And this product will solve all those cleaning needs without any problems.

You know how hard it can be to get those oil stains out without any cleaning agent. Even if you’re using a pressure washing system, those oil stains are preposterous.

This situation is where you add the fantastic Simple Green chemical cleaner with your pressure system, and it will simply pull out any stains without delay.

Moreover, the product is fully compatible with any washing system. Therefore, it will not cause any corrosion or damage within the machine. That fact allows you to have more flexibility while cleaning the driveways.

Additionally, this product is safe for plants and any other natural elements around your garage or driveway; therefore, you don’t have to be extra careful when you’re using the product.

The product is also efficient when it comes to cleaning without a cleaning system; you can easily use it manually around your driveway and get the best cleaning result.

Special Features
  • Compatible with any concrete situation
  • Suitable for any washing systems
  • Removes the toughest stains
  • Corrosion-free
  • Restores color

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5. Zep Driveway and Concrete Cleaner

Zep is famous for bringing forward some of the most effective and highly praised oil or stain removal products. Their products are compatible with hard surfaces, which require a more potent effect.

Moreover, this product is a construction grade cleaner that will allow you to remove some of the hardest oil stains and grimes caused by big machinery or vehicles. This product will efficiently remove those stains.

It can also handle rock or stone-based surfaces, and it will not damage the aesthetic looks of those even though it will go deep to break down the oil molecules and pull them out.

Moreover, this product will not leave any unwanted residue that will give you extra work. Therefore, it will provide you with the flexibility you require to get the best out of this product.

Also, this is entirely safe for the environment as it will not emit any unsafe chemicals. It is compatible with surrounding plants and animals as Zep is quite insightful regarding environmental safety.

Additionally, this device is fully compatible with any washing system so that you can clean with anything at your disposal.

Special Features
  • Construction grade cleaning strength
  • Doesn’t contain any corrosive material
  • Doesn’t damage washing machinery
  • Environmentally safe design
  • Doesn’t cause discoloration

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6. RustAid Stain Remover

When you’re looking for a stain remover that is compatible with both household uses along with all the outdoor problems, then this product from RustAid is what you need.

This liquid chemical cleaner has a synthesizing chemical composition that makes it quite efficient in various uses. You will be able to clean walls and concrete surface along other metal surfaces without causing any damage.

Moreover, it is highly versatile for removing stains; this is one feature that makes this product one of the best in the market.

In the case of rust removal, this product neutralizes the iron in the rust stains, making the rust break down and dissolve; therefore, you will get an efficient result within minutes.

Additionally, you won’t need to scrub or brush the area of its usage, it will work on its own, and it will be effective within moments, and gradually it will fix any stain.

Therefore, this is what you’re looking for if you need something that will have maximum versatility and allow you to clean more surfaces and also hard concrete surfaces.

Special Features
  • Flexibility in usage
  • Scrubbing isn’t required
  • Works perfectly with machinery
  • Can remove rust
  • Environmentally friendly

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7. 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner

This product is undoubtedly one of the fastest working chemical cleaners that people with busy schedules will love! Its efficient effectiveness is what makes it stand out from all the rest.

It’s incredible for many uses; one of the most useful things it does is clearing out the mold and mildew that forms in your driveway, or as a matter of fact, anywhere outdoors.

This product is fully capable of cleaning those out with minimal requirement; it won’t even need you to rinse or pressure wash it. Within minutes, it will break down and loosen all the mold and algae.

After the breakdown, you will be able to wash them off, and you can carry on with your day with a beautiful, clean driveway.

Moreover, this product is entirely safe around plants and everything else on your lawn. If you have a pet, you have nothing to worry about since it contains all the safe materials that won’t emit harmful chemicals.

At last, when it comes to versatility, none other can do it better. This product is suitable for concrete surfaces; it is also excellent for wood decks, bricks, and even plastic outdoor furniture.

Special Features
  • Fast reaction time
  • Does not need scrubbing or brushing
  • No need for pressure washing
  • Safe for plants and animals
  • Suitable for even wood and plastic

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8. Oil Eater AOD1G35437 Cleaner

The Oil Eater liquid is one of the best concrete driveway cleaners; it has everything you need to clean almost anywhere around your house.

Its versatility is undoubtedly one of the most attractive parts of this cleaner because most products would focus on one type of surface to showcase maximum functionality.

Whereas Oil Eater will work on anything, it will work on anything without damaging anything. It will work around soft carpets, wall tires, and on top of all that, any hard surfaces.

This is also fully machine-compatible; it will work with any machine, such as pressure washer, parts washing, etc. It doesn’t contain any corrosive characteristics, which can be harmful.

Moreover, this product is non-toxic and non-hazardous water-based, biodegradable, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone. Those features make it ideal to be around your house and your safety.

Since the product has a high concentration rate, it will need to be measured before use, and it provides all the information you require to use it correctly.

Special Features
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive composition
  • Safely dissolves stain and grease
  • Water-based and biodegradable
  • Safe for even wood and carpets
  • Fully compatible with machinery for any heavy uses

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5 Factors You Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Chemical for Driveway Cleaning:

It would be best to consider several things before buying a chemical cleaner, mostly because chemical cleaners will look the same and work the same, but they won’t have enough effect on the long-run.


You might be thinking why compatibility is a factor here? Well, it’s crucial as every concrete surface is not the same. There are few differences involving the composition and design of the surface.

Therefore, you need to look for something that will clean any of those surfaces without any permanent damage to aesthetics. These chemicals can cause damage if they are incompatible.


Safety is a significant factor that you need to pay adequate attention to; therefore, always go for something that won’t damage you or your family’s health.

People who have pets should be very wary of this since this can also be very harmful to your pets. Therefore, look for something that uses safe chemical compositions to formulate something easy to control.


This point is undoubtedly vital as that’s the whole point of choosing a chemical cleaner. It would be best if you found something that will have an efficient effect on your concrete floor.

Therefore, the product can remove any unwanted mold or stains from the surface without extra help or effects to provide it with any boost.

What is the Black Stuff on My Concrete Driveway?

When you have to wonder what’s the black stuff on your driveway, then things are actually pretty bad since those black stuff are probably mold. Should you be worried?

You definitely should be, because concrete mold is common, but you need to avoid them since they cause many health problems to people who live around them. They spread very quickly and affect everything in contact.

A few other reasons for that blackish formation are probably black algae, which thrive whenever moisture and sunlight are present. These need to be cleaned frequently to keep your driveway in top condition.

Can I Use Bleach to Clean My Driveway?

You may be thinking after seeing all the stains in your driveway, getting the mold or black stains off it will be a lot of work, it will take a considerable amount of time to complete and a lot of materials.

Well, This is where we answer your question about bleaching your driveway. You definitely can clean your driveway using bleach, as bleach is quite efficient at killing mold and remove any stains.

Moreover, bleach will remove any foul smell the excess moisture and mold caused overtime, which will keep your driveway fresh.

How Can I Make My Driveway Clean Again by Using a Chemical Cleaner?

If you’re looking to clean your driveway using a chemical, then several options will give you the best results; from there, cleaning your driveway is relatively straightforward.

Chlorine bleach and Trisodium phosphate are two chemicals that are amazing at cleaning concrete driveways. These chemicals mix with water, and then it can be sprayed across your driveway to settle in.

After that, you can rinse it off while focusing on the most affected areas, and that will clean your driveway very efficiently, and it will look amazing. But remember to use the proper amount while you’re using them.

In the case of Trisodium phosphate, you need to use one cup worth for every 4 liters of water. After spraying them on concrete, please keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. Similar conditions apply for bleach, but you need to use a little more bleach for every part of the water.

What Do You Put on the Driveway after Pressure Washing?

After pressure washing your driveway or any concrete surfaces, it will be a good idea to put some sealer on it. The loosened concrete may have some small pores or imperfections that might cause cracking or other breakages.

Therefore, sealing once in a while will keep your concrete floor healthy and make it look better. It will not allow water to get in those small pores as those will accumulate there and cause it to break.

You need to apply sealer right after the concrete floor has dried after a pressure wash, allowing it to adjust and help the sealer set incorrectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these chemical cleaners suitable for mattresses?

Some of the chemical cleaners are suitable for any clothing or synthesized surface. It won’t lead to corrosion or any degradation — however, you need to check if they contain non-corrosive materials.

2. Can I use it on my washing machine?

There are chemical cleaners that are fully compatible with any machinery. If you intend to clean any stain or spots on your washing machine using a chemical cleaner, you need to find a compatible one.

3. Which is a more efficient, liquid, or powder chemical cleaner?

Both varieties are efficient in various scenarios, powders are efficient in case of the amount required to cover larger areas, but it works slower than liquid cleaners, which is effective very quickly.

4. Are these cleaners effective on mold or algae?

Yes, they are very effective when it comes to cleaning molds and algae; they break down mold and algae, which allows you to remove them with just a simple wash without any pressure washing.

5. Can I use chemical cleaners on my car engine?

As most chemical cleaners are suitable for any machinery, you can, without a doubt, use it on your car engine, which will allow you to keep the engine clean and remove any oil stains.

6. Are there any specific methods I should follow for using these chemicals?

Most of these cleaners’ usage is relatively straightforward, but you should follow your indicated method on the product manual if you intend to get the best performance.


It’s imperative to be careful when buying a chemical cleaner as some might cause more damage than fixing. Therefore, this article on the chemical for cleaning the driveway will help you make a choice.