What are the 5 Cleaning Hacks You should Never Try?

What are the 5 Cleaning Hacks You should Never Try?

You sometimes look for instant or shortcut cleaning methods for your house because you may have to spend a lot of time doing that; therefore, many websites come to share their shortcut techniques to help you, but are all of them always effective?

Anyway, I don’t believe all techniques blindly & do a little experiment before applying them; if they pass the test, only then they get my approval. However, thus, I have found 5 cleaning hacks you should never try at home or on your favourite items because they won’t work.

Please read the article to know those don’ts & some additional tips while cleaning anything; they will be helpful for you indeed.

What Things You Should Avoid while Cleaning Your Things: 5 Tips for You

If you don’t want to face any unwanted situations or need effective results while cleaning, you must avoid these things:

1. Mixing Various Chemicals

You can prefer some oxidative or reactive chemical substances to clean the hard or stubborn stains; sometimes, you may not have the desired results with a mild chemical if the stain is old.

Therefore, that may create a thought in your mind to mix multiple chemicals to make it more oxidative & useful, but the idea will not work. However, it may be risky to mix multiple chemical items because they can create an explosion or they may change the chemical structures, making it unusable.

They can create a toxic cloud around you instead of a strong cleanser, or the substance may not react the reverse of you wanted it to; therefore, you may not mix different chemicals if you are not allowed.

2. Using a Piece of Cloth to Clean Multiple Things

Some of you may have used a single cloth to clean everything around you, but it’s not good to do that because that can worsen the surface, making it dirtier. Suppose you have caught ink on the cloth while cleaning a table’s surface; it may pollute other things if you clean them with the same cloth.

Moreover, a cloth can be dusty as well after cleaning a dirty surface, but when you try to clean other things with the same cloth, you can’t have a fresh surface.

3. Using a Dishwasher for Cleaning Everything

Many people can suggest you clean any stain with a dishwasher, but it won’t work all the time because what cleanser you will need depends on the stains or marks. However, the glass may not clean with a dishwasher or the performance may not be satisfactory because each cleanser is made of different components for various purposes.

Some dirt may need only soap water (some of them may need cold water & others need slightly warm), some stains need ammonia, some may need bleach or chloride, and so on.

Therefore, you should know that you can’t apply dishwasher everywhere, especially on a sensitive surface, such as fibers; the alkali there may damage the surface that got in contact.

4. Cleaning the Window with Newspapers

If you are not using water to clean your window glass, grills, or surroundings, you can use a newspaper to rip off the external dust out, but what if you are cleansing the metal, wood, or glasses?

It’s not the right thing to use a newspaper on a wet surface because the texture is quite light and it will quickly tear after getting in touch with water; moreover, the newsprints are low- quality nowadays, that can get printed on the glass, metal, or wood.

That’s why you shouldn’t always rely upon a newspaper for cleaning windows, or glasses & surrounded surfaces, such as mirrors.

5. Putting Bleach-Based or Other Tablets on Toilet Tank

Many of you may think that putting chlorine or other tablets on a toilet tank is enough to clean your toilet, but it’s not. However, you may find it surprising that you will have to rub or scrub the toilet even after putting the tablets because they are not good enough to give your toilet a fresh look without scrubbing.

Though the tablet manufacturers claim that their products are made for amazing cleaning hacks & can save your time scrubbing the toilet. If you believe the hack, & don’t put the effort, it will consume more of your time because you will have to clean the toilet again.

These are the mandatory 5 cleaning hacks you should never try; knowing them is necessary for you because these tips will always help you. You can suggest these ideas to anyone else who works as a cleaner or does these works at home; there are some more things you shouldn’t do:

● Some of you may use dryer balls or naphthalene to remove odor from your clothes, but do you think that they work? No, they don’t work, & they keep reducing day by day; you can add a little splash of vinegar while washing your dresses instead.

● You may have chosen baking soda to remove a stinky smell from your refrigerator, but have you ever got the desired result? Maybe no, because of its acidic properties it can’t remove that completely; you should choose some activated charcoal for that.

● Please use a damp cloth instead of a dry or dirty one, but make sure there is no chemical on the cloth; moreover, you should not spray the dishwasher on the cloth.

● You should not clean the stainless steel in a circular motion while cleansing with a cleaner; it can create a circular mark on the surface when it dries.

What Things Should You Do While Cleaning Anything in Your House: Follow the Tips

You must follow some tips to clean the things around you correctly; please ensure that you are following them because they will help you all your life:
1. Please make sure your vacuum cleaner is fresh & dirt-free before starting to clean your carpets & floor because a vacuum that is already dirty can do straight opposite instead of cleaning your house’s surface.

2. You can clean any surface with detergent to have a new look on your tiles or other areas; if you want to apply the oxidative items, you should ensure if the materials would support the cleanser.

3. Another thing you can do is to add lemon extract to remove hard & stubborn stains from the sink while doing dishes or cleaning it; thus, the clogs & marks will quickly reduce, leaving a pleasant smell.

4. You usually use a soft sponge for cleaning different dirty surfaces, but do you know that washing the sponge well is also necessary? The sponge sometimes sticks to some dirty particles that can later create microbes & bacteria, making the sponge unhealthy.


If you clean with the dirty & sponge full of germs, that will make your home more unhygienic; therefore, you should wash & puff it with soapy water & dry it in a microwave for 30-40 seconds to make it clean.

Knowing the shortcuts & effective ways to clean your house quickly is essential so that you can concentrate more on other important things to do, or save some time for yourself.

You will know the 5 most essential cleaning hacks you should never try once you have read the whole article; moreover, you must not apply a hack directly after someone suggests you. You must check on a small or unused spot that if the technique originally works or not; don’t do these experiments before a party at your house.

However, please make a routine of cleaning everything & engage every family member in that task; thus, it won’t be pressure on you.