find glass cleaning tips and tricks

Glass Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Children’s imprints, pet’s paw or nose prints, plain old residue and soil that gather at regular intervals, there are unlimited reasons which cause your mirrors and windows are constantly filthy regardless of how frequently you clean them. Getting started with a glass cleaner you bought at a local store may help, but it may also leave glass cleaner stains, cloth lint and a dull look of your window. That’s why here we are writing to provide you best glass cleaning tips and tricks so that you are prepared to get a true shine to your dull windows.

A cloudy day works best

Carry out this task in the blasting sunny day and the cleaner will dry onto the blistering windows before you find a cloth to clean off, leaving hard-to-evacuate streaks. Therefore, a dry and hot wind is not at all favorable for glass cleaning. On the other side, if the weather is cloudy, the air will be cold and carry moisture. The wind and the cold atmosphere will help you clean off all the watery mark.

Dust-free your window first

The first step to follow to start cleaning your windows is to start with dry cleaning. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to dust off your window. It will ease the process of wet cleaning as water won’t turn into a muddy mess when you sprinkle the cleaner. You can also use a microfiber duster or a damp mop to clean but make sure to give it a dry wipe after it.

Use a home-made cleaner

Why waste money on expensive commercial glass cleaners, when you can without much of a stretch stir up astounding and exceptionally compelling glass cleaners at home. Next time your commercial cleaner runs out, completely flush out the shower bottle and follow our formula for windows, mirrors, glass furniture that truly need a decent wipe.
Mix half a cup of rubbing alcohol with 2 tablespoon ammonia and add two drops of antibacterial dishwashing liquid. Store the composition in a spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the glass windows or mirror and wipe to get a sparkling look.

Make use of newspapers

When it’s a cloudy day and you decide to clean your windows, turn unattractive streaks, smears and build up dust into an old story by splashing the windows with the glass cleaner formula given above. Trust me newspaper does an amazing job than any piece of cloth when it comes to class cleaning. Use newsprint rather than clothes or paper towels, though they will leave your hands grimy. However, your windows are now shimmering and free of build-up dust. Hey, you saved yourself some cloth for your kitchen cleaning. You may also directly dip the crumbled newspaper in a mug with the homemade solution, but remember to wear the rubber gloves. Just rub the glass with a wet newspaper and clean dry the glass with a dry sheet of newspapers.

Go for paper coffee filters

A somewhat latest option in contrast to cleaning mirrors or windows with newspaper (that is similarly as advantageous, modest and dust-free) is to utilize paper coffee filters. They are inexpensive and you can buy an extra pack when you go next time shopping for your morning coffee. Coffee filters are super effective to remove blurry dust and water films on the glass window or glass furniture. And the best part, your hands won’t get messy with the ink stains you get using newspapers. If you dip the paper coffee filters in the homemade solution we shared above, wear rubber gloves before you wipe the glass window. And then dry the window with the dry paper coffee filters.

Make use of an eraser

Yes, you got it right!!! We are not talking about the erasers kids use in school to clean off the blackboard. If you have a blackboard eraser in your home, you may be surprised seeing how it cleans your window crystal-clear. After washing the windows using the homemade cleaner either with newspaper or paper coffee filters, use a blackboard eraser to clean dry your window glasses. It will help in removing any remaining streaks to give your window a new shine.