how do I get rid of a slow draining tub

How Do I Get Rid of a Slow Draining Tub?

A few days back, I experienced a slow draining tub in my bathroom that irritated me. In fact, a slow draining tub is a frustrating one. It is because while taking a shower, no one wants to stand in a deep level of murky water.

So, I inspected the whole tub to find out the root of the problem, and it helps me solve the problem comfortably. I am going to share my whole experience of cleaning a slow draining tub in this article.

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What are the symptoms of a slow draining tub?

Generally, after pulling the plug of a draining tub, water drains from the tub without making any delay. But if the tub is clogged or jammed, water will drain at a slow process.

Developing a slow draining tub is a slow process and can’t be detected immediately. Most people don’t take any necessary precautions until it becomes a serious issue.

Below are 7 signs of the slow draining tub

  • If your tub bubbles while draining water.
  • Water backs up at the tub.
  • If you see coming out of the water from underneath the tub.
  • Slow draining of the water from the tub.
  • Spreading of bad odor from the tub.
  • Water puddles in the bathtub.
  • Flooding of water of a cleanout.

What are the common culprits of a slow draining tub?

The truth is, if you know the reason behind a problem, you can easily lead yourself to the solution. Firstly, I checked why my tub is draining water slowly. It helps me in making a precise solution, and I cleaned the tub of my own. It helped me to save valuable money since calling a professional was unnecessary.

CulpritsHow it happens
HairA combination of hair, soap, or dirt can clog the tub. Also, if hair gets attached to the pipe and drains, you will face a hard time removing the hair.
SoapGrease or fat is used to manufacture soap. The fat or grease creates a combination with the water mineral, and thus a hard residue is created. This hard residue clogs the pipe.
DirtBuilding up of dirt inside the pipe or drain creates many problems. The nature of the bath means that we are constantly sending dirt down the water.
StopperImproper fitting of the stopper can restrict the drainage of water.
Tree rootsCrack or leak may happen to older underground pipes; root growth gets attracted. If root growth happens inside your tub pipe, it will cause both water blocking and pipe damaging.
Building up of MineralDissolved minerals in water can grow over time, and your drain will block with insoluble masses.

How to fix a slow draining tub

Following different methods, you can easily get rid of the slow draining tub problem. You may need to make a combination of 2 methods to clear the clog. However, it all depends on the situation. I followed the below method.

Water, Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture.

I was lucky that my bathtub blockage was moderate, and this method helped me get rid of the problem.

Step 01: Cleaning the stopper

Most of the time, hair and other residue get accumulated under the stopper, placed in or over the drain. Stoppers are secured using a screw; unscrew it, twist the stopper, and it will come out easily. Scrub the accumulated hairs.

Step 02: Take a tea kettle and boil water

Fill up a tea kettle with water. You can use as much water because no water limit is there. Only make sure the water is boiled. We will use boiled water at the beginning and end of the process.

Step 03: Directly Pour the Boiling Water into the Drain

Pouring boiling water will give you an instant result. This way, the drain will unclog easily. Be careful while pouring boiled water since the splashing of hot water could burn you. Then open the bathtub and check if the water is draining easily or not.

Step 04: Pour Vinegar or Baking Soda

If boiled water did not unclog the gunk, pour baking soda (¼ cup) and vinegar (1 cup). Excessive gunk will be removed for sure.

Step 05: Leave it for the next 20 minutes

Once you pour baking soda and vinegar, give it a rest for the next 15/20 minutes. The mixture of water is a great drain cleaner for the tub.

Step 06: Pour more boiled water

Again, take the boiled water and pour it directly to the drain opening. Hot water will react with the vinegar and baking soda, and the mixture will clear the gunk. Then open the bathtub again to check if the process worked or not. If required, you can follow the process several times.

If the gunk is hard and eliminating is difficult, you can choose a different drain cleaner for tub or chemical drain cleaner. Using a plunger is another good option.

And calling a plumber will be the easiest solution if you think you can make more mess while clearing a slow draining tub. It will cost a few bucks.

What precautions can I take to avoid the bathtub clogging problem?

  • Do periodic cleaning of the tub.
  • All the gunk can easily be trapped in a drain filter. So, the installation of it can give you peace of mind.
  • Do run boiled water once in a week. This will not allow building up of dirt and gunk.
  • Don’t flush baby diapers, wipes, food waste, or any other women’s products.


We all face the bathtub clog problem, and it is a disturbing issue. Even it can even take your sound sleep. The above method is straightforward and offers great results.

Also, follow the precautions to face the problem less frequently.