Why My House Always Smell Amazing: Know the Secrets

Why My House Always Smell Amazing: Know the Secrets

Well, if our living place has a fresh & nice smell besides being clean, our mood automatically cheers up, isn’t it? Many friends of mine often ask me why my house always smells amazing & what I do to keep my house fresh; they always wanted me to share the hacks I follow.

Therefore, I thought to share the techniques I follow in this article to help those who are suffering from the odor at their home; you must read it because it will be a useful one.

Let me begin the ways to remove bad smells from your household no matter what part it is.

How Do I Keep Odors Away From My House: the Steps I Follow

Please remember that there is no specific space were a bad smell can come from; it may create from anywhere, such as the balcony, pet house, kitchen, living room, etc.

Therefore, I prefer cleaning each part of my house where bacteria can grow; let’s see the things I do:

1. I always control my house’s moisture & humidity because they accelerate bacteria & microbial growth on the curtain, furniture, & other items, creating an unpleasant smell.

That’s why I sometimes use a dehumidifier instead of a humidifier, especially in the summer or rainy days to avoid odor.

2. The carpets & mats can hold dust, oil, or grease for a long time & slowly create plucks & eventually a dirty smell; that’s why I regularly clean my vacuum & use it on the mats & carpet.

3. Many people follow the trend of covering walls with papers, but I don’t prefer it because they are made of synthetic & can easily grow microorganisms there; moreover, the bad smell may create from the walls.

4. Another thing I do is to keep the windows open for a long time, especially during the day time because the fresh light & air is essential to keep the house fresh.

I may have to put extra efforts to clean the dust around, but trust me, it feels good when you let the fresh air come in & the chances of odor reduce a lot.

5. I carefully choose the air freshener for my house to make the best use of it because only a long-lasting or different smell can’t make the house smell good.

I always check the fresheners while buying from the store & never order online because I can’t know how the fragrance would be only knowing the flavour.

6. Sometimes I have seen a bad smell coming from a cupboard when anybody opens it because they may not have stored the clothes properly, or maybe they haven’t removed the odor from the dresses before putting them into the closet.

That’s why, I always wash or dry the clothes in bright sunlight before keeping them in the cupboard; moreover, I sometimes use a splash of vinegar to remove bad smells.

7. I always keep my garden clean & don’t use any rotten item that can create an odor in our house; moreover, I always clean the wastes & spoiled things immediately so that no bacteria can grow & create a bad smell.

I always choose the fertilizers that are nutritious for the soil & don’t create a bad smell; that’s another secret that makes my house smell good.

8. Toilet is another important space where people go to freshen up or for toilets; therefore, I use different bathroom fresheners & scented toiletries.

Moreover, I don’t use harsh detergents that create marks on the floor or create bad smalls; I prefer detergents with pleasant & plant fragrance.

9. Sometimes, we may face some unwanted kitchen smell after doing our dishes, or preparing food for the meal; the leftovers on the sink usually catch water & moisture, creating a bad smell.

Moreover, some protein or fat residues also create rancidity; therefore, I use lemon extracts while cleaning to remove them.

10. Keeping the fridge clean is another tactic to maintain a good smell in my house, haven’t you understood yet? Let me explain to you that many foods kept in the fridge may create various smells; they sometimes get spilt.

That’s why I routinely clean the whole fridge with soap water, taking the items out of it; moreover, I clear the excess ices too so that it functions well.

11. I always keep my garbage clean & daily empty them when the cleaners come around because if the waste materials keep gathering there, they would create a combined odor soon (within 2-3 days).

12. Sometimes, I use air filters & put essential & fragrance oils when my air fresheners run out; trust me it’s a good way to make my house smell nice.

I always prefer checking the oil’s fragrance before buying it; you can also do the same as an alternative to a freshener.

13. I sometimes light the scented candles when guests come to my place; I mostly make them sit in the living room & light the fragranced candles that make them feel good.

14. I sometimes spray fresheners or cleaners on stinky shoes, especially during winter; the shoes may stink if we wear them for a long time in a day.

I always make sure that the spray is not harmful to the shoes & their fabrics; organic ones are good to use.

15. Sometimes, I use dry sheets to deodorize my surroundings because the dryness prevents spoilage & bad smell; however, I cover the items with cellophane or other dry papers.

These are the 15-techniques that I follow to make my house smell amazing all the time; cleaning the house is not a challenging thing to do. I always prefer spending more time cleaning with my family members rather than living in an odorous place.


No matter how busy you are, you must have some spare time to make the house perfectly clean; please read my article on why my house always smells amazing to apply these effective things to have better results in your home.

Always remember that your mood & health depend much on your home environment; therefore, it’s essential to keep the house neat & clean according to me, including removing odors.